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CP, Australia, August 2014, Labiaplasty…Dr. Vitasna Ketglang and Nurses were very kind, attentive and professional. At all times I was made to feel at ease and not at all uncomfortable. I feel I was treated better here than I would have been in my own country. I love that I have the option to come back for correction surgery if need and Dr. Vitasna has not made me feel horrible or guilty about wanting to return at all. Dr. Vitasna has put my needs first and clearly wants me to be happy and that means the world to me. I am very pleased.

MJ, Australia, August 2014, Labiaplasty…Dear Yanhee Hospital, I have had the world class surgery. I have had the privilege to have had the life changing surgery by the world’s leading gynecological surgeon who is a pioneer and champion for women. After a third traumatic vaginal delivery, forceps, cutting and a prolapse and anal hemorrhoids, I was left with a medical condition that was hidden only known to me. As an attractive, sporty woman, I had to wear sanitary pads and had urinary incontinence.

Thank God for Gorgeous Getaways, Paula Kerrin, who made it possible.  To Dr. Ketglang   – Thailand has her second Queen. My Vagina is perfect – Beautiful – Healed. Thank you to the amazing Nursing Staff. I wish you were in Australia, I will always be forever grateful. Hope to see you next year. Health Happiness. Prosperity. Love always, MJ

VH, Australia, July 2014, Labiaplasty…Staff was wonderful from arrival at hospital everything was made clear and explained to us in detail. The kindness of the nurses and all the medical staff was very much appreciated. Fantastic doctor and we are very pleased with the results of the surgery. Dr. Vitasna is wonderful and I would recommend her to all.

DA, Australia,June 2014, Labiaplasty and Vaginal Tightening…After much research it was very clear that Dr. Vitasna is the world leader in Cosmetic Gynecology. After consulting with Dr. Vitasna I decided to go with her recommendations. I am so happy with the results and reassure anyone wanting these procedures that Dr. Vitasna and her staff; especially Evan Escamos will take care of your every need and ensure that you and they both understand your expectations. I have been looked after at Yanhee International Hospital better than I have ever been looked after in any hospital in Australia.

CN, Kazahkstan, June 2014…Labiaplasty, Vaginal Tightening… I really enjoyed my staying in this very nice hospital which truly corresponds to the highest medical standards. My deepest gratitude to Dr. Vitasna and her wonderful team, especially to the nurses Evan Escamos and Pi Jan. Dr. Vitasna performed a miracle – a very complex surgery. I so appreciate it. Wishing Dr. Vitasna and her wonderful team all the best.

CA, Singapore, February 2014, Labiaplasty… I am pleased with  services rendered by Yanhee International Hospital, Cosmetic Gynecology Department. The doctor (Dr. Vitasna Ketglang) delivered what I had requested (which will positively impact my life moving forward. The nurses were all warm and caring. I thoroughly enjoyed my hospital stay and look forward to coming back to Yanhee for other procedures (a bonus, I get a discount J) Keep up the good work!

CM, Australia, January 2014, Labiaplasty…Dr. Vitasna, You have done a great job! Thank you for taking care of me. Excellent doctor! Thanks to all the nurses who made me feel at home. The surgery was excellent I can say it is A++. I recommend Dr. Vitasna and Yanhee International Hospital for the excellent services. I will come back for more surgeries and take some friends with me and spread the good news. 

CB, Ireland, January 2014, Labiaplasty…Overall very good experience at Yanhee International hospital. Nurses were very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend the hospital to others.

KB, Australia, January 2014, Labiaplasty…I had an excellent experience at Yanhee Hospital. The whole Gynecology Team were extremely friendly, helpful and professional. I am very happy with the results of the procedure. The hospital stay was very good. Hotel-like rooms, good, nutritious food and attentive staff. Thanks Yanhee.

JC, New Zealand, November 16, 2013, Labiaplasty…Yanhee Hospital is an excellent Hospital, the staff very kind, professional and friendly. My surgeon was Dr. Vitasna and she was amazing, and made me relax and trust her instantly. Overall, nice hospital and would definitely recommend to anyone considering the surgery I had.

 TF, Australia, October 9, 2013, Labiaplasty…I’d like to give a huge thank you to Dr. Vitasna and her team at Yanhee Hospital for their amazing work. I’ve had the best results I could have ever asked for. I have never been so well looked after.

Right from the beginning, Dr. Vitasna and her team explained everything so well to me and she listened to what I wanted and understood all my queries and helped me with advise.

Dr. Vitasna is a miracle worker! The surgery went perfectly and the results are better than I could have dreamed especially because I was a challenging case, but I know I have a perfect vaginal! Such an amazing surgeon, and the team of nurses helped me every step at the way anything I wanted or needed during my time at Yanhee.

So professional, I’ll definitely be returning to Yanhee for anything else I need and can happily recommend Dr. Vitasna to anyone and everyone who is considering Labiaplasty. Amazing Thank you so much. Please use any part /all of these testimonials you need–so happy to tell the world about my amazing experience. Thanks again. Xxx

LVJ, Russia,October 9, 2013…Labiaplasty, I am healing well and feeling better, still taking it easy though.  I am looking forward to 100%. Dr. Vitasna has done such a great job I am very impressed and would highly recommend her and you all to anyone. Take care.

JM, Australia, October 2013…Labiaplasty, I am very pleased with the surgery and my results. Dr. Vitasna is a very nice lady and I’d recommend her to all my friends for surgery. Overall, our stay here was very good. J  Thank you.

SS, France,March 12, 2013…Vaginoplasty, Endless thanks to Dr. Vitasna, not only that she is competent, she is also nice and a good human being, plus she is beautiful. A thousand thanks to the nurses and the exceptional team.

BB, England, January 30, 2013…Labiaplasty, I had a very positive experience at Yanhee International Hospital under the care of Dr. Vitasna. After many years of worrying about speaking to someone about my appearance,  the staff at the hospital couldn’t have made me feel more at ease.

I had Labiaplasty (trim method) and after some initial repair and swelling (lasting about a week), I felt pretty much back to normal and wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner. In myself, I feel much happier looking in the mirror, wearing underwear and with my boyfriend seeing me. If you are thinking about getting it done – go for it!

TT, Australia, January 2013…A-P Repair, I am very happy with the treatment. I have received from Dr. Vitasna and her staff. She has been very informative and given me all options available for my condition. With the assistance of her nursing staff, I’ve had a speedy recovery with my procedure. I am very appreciative of her knowledge and skill and will recommend her services.

HRW, England, December 4, 2012…Vaginoplasty, I found the services very good and the staff was very helpful. I am extremely happy with the results of the surgery. I will come back and recommend the hospital to my friends and family.

ST, Australia, July 2013… I was very happy with the care I received from the nurses. I am really happy with the results of the procedure.

MB, Australia July 2013… I am very pleased with the surgery and my results. Dr. Vitasna is a very nice lady and I’d recommend her to all my friends for surgery. Thank you!

JJ, Australia, June 2013… I decided to have a consult with Doctor Vitasna after a lot of research and reading testimonies online.  She was really informative and realistic during the consult only advising what is best suited for every specific individual. Since the surgery, I have had 4 post operative meeting where Dr. Vitasna made time for me and addressed my every concern.

Luckily for me, I healed well but she offered to do any revisions for free would I need it in the future, I am so pleased with her work. She is really experienced and has transformed the way I look and feel.  I would recommend her to anyone who has any insecurities or discomfort of their genitalia. You couldn’t be in better hands.

MM, UAE, November 2012… I would like to thank Dr. Vitasna for her great work and she was very helpful and supportive emotionally, and procedure wise of the operation where I was very stressed and scared. But Dr. Vitasna made my life really easy with her talk and reassurance. Thank you very much and all the best in your great career. Ms. Manilou is one of the best nurses I ever met in my life, she was very supportive and very helpful. I wish her a great successful career and life. Thank you to the team!

KL, Philippines, November 2012…I am very thankful and blessed to have a very good and understanding surgeon, nurses treated me very good from the first day I arrived at Yanhee Hospital. The Nurses assisted me good after the surgery even after I was in the Recovery Room. To others who wanted to have Hymenoplasty done, I recommend you all to Dr. Vitasna Ketglang.

AA, New Zealand, 06 September 2012… I was feeling very comfortable and cared for as soon as I arrived at the hospital. Dr. Vitasna is so caring and very professional. The staffs are very nice, looking cute in their uniform. I would like to thank Dr. Vitasna, thank you so much, I would definitely recommend you to all the women.

As Manilou said, I was in very good hands, and it’s true! My room in the hospital was very clean and I always have somebody to take care of me. Thank you again, my lovely Dr. Vitasna, especially Manilou, Pi Jun, and Guitar. I will come to see you again soon. I am very happy with the hospital and the staff. Many, many, many thanks again, wish you all the Best! I’m going to miss you all!

VA, Australia, 12 September 2012… Dear Dr. Vitasna, I just want to say Thank you for your outstanding work. I had my labiaplasty originally with you in February 2011 and you performed a repair Feb 2012 after some stitches came unstuck following the original surgery. The final result is amazing and I could not be happier now.

In fact I would love to see my before photo if you are able to email? The end result looks totally natural and after the clitoral hood reduction I do find I am able to experience greater level of pleasure now. Thank you so much.

I am very grateful to have been able to have you as my surgeon. You took the extra time necessary during the surgery to correct the large asymmetry between my labia. Now, no one would ever guess that I wasn’t born this way!

I am so much more confident in myself as before I really disliked the appearance and felt embarrassed. I am also more comfortable in my underwear and can wear whatever underpants I like. I have attached a photograph. Please feel free to use on your website if you have my before pictures as I think the results are amazing! Thanks again.

AP, Australia, 11 September 2012… Doctor and staff were fantastic. Answered all my questions and were with me every step through my recovery process. Procedure was better than expected and I felt like they really care about my well being and healing process and not just another patient. Highly recommend to anyone interested in the procedure.

YI, USA, 31 July 2012… Everything was so great doctor, nurses, procedure, private room are very nice! Specially nurses work in this hospital are top notch. I cannot thank more. I’d recommend this place to anyone. Thank you!

BI, Australia, 21 July 2012… Very happy with result, treatment and service of staff excellent. Thank you.

NG, China, July 10, 2012… Dear Dr. Vitasna, I am leaving Bangkok for home tonight. Thank you very much for everything you and your team did for me. I really appreciate that I was well taken care of by you and your professional team… Thanks again and have a nice day)

PT, New Zealand, July 10, 2012… I am very pleased with the results. Dr. Vitasna was extremely kind and professional. Lou and the nurses were wonderful and looked after me very well. All my questions and concerns were answered and dealt with promptly. I can’t say enough about the care and consideration that was given to me during this process. The staff at Yanhee should be very proud of their attitude and care of their patients. Thank you all!! 

XS, China, July 5, 2012… Very efficient and the staff are very friendly. They take you through all the process and explain things clearly. This makes a foreign hospital experience so much easier.

DS, Nepal, June 8, 2012… I am very happy with the treatment I’ve received here. Doctor and Nurses are very friendly and professional. I felt like home away from home. I would definitely recommend Yanhee Hospital to my friends in case of need. Thank you for your help.

RM, Dubai, May 26, 2012… The hospital staff was very friendly and helpful. All the nursing staffs were very pleasant and helped answer all my questions and reassured me. Dr. Vitasna was very professional and explained the procedure very well as well as the after care. Overall, it was a great experience, considering the circumstances.

CD, Canada, May 23, 2012… I chose to go to Yanhee Hospital to have Labiaplasty surgery and I am very pleased with the results. The staffs were very friendly and spoke good English and answered all my questions and concerns. The facility was clean and seemed to be popular with locals and tourists. I was a bit skeptical of medical tourism and overseas surgery at first but I would recommend Yanhee International Hospital if you want to save money while achieving great results.

LP, Australia, May 11, 2012… I came to Thailand to have this operation. I have heard a lot of good feedback so I chose Yanhee International Hospital to do this for me. I have arrived with my friend at Yanhee and we were seen in half an hour. We were happy that we did not wait long. The nurses are so friendly and helpful, always asking if we are ok and let them know if I needed anything.

Last year I got the labia Reduction done with the same doctor (Dr. Vitasna Ketglang). I love the service, the doctor is great and helpful, always answering my question and ensuring that I know what I want. The surgery was over before I knew – so quick I woke up and the nurses were right there by my side to see me.

I would be back to do something else for my looks am happy and confident I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone or my friends. Thank you Yanhee Doctors and Staffs.

SI, Australia, May 11, 2012… I found Dr. Vitasna to be the utmost professional. She endeavors to make improvement and suggestions. I found her aftercare to be impressive, I was not left in the lurch, but she is very hands-on and I found that very reassuring! If only all physicians erases professional and caring.

GA, Indonesia, May 4, 2012… I am happy with the result of my surgery (with Dr. Vitasna) especially all the hospitality of Yanhee Hospital, the Nurses, etc. They are all good. Even though I came here by myself, I felt comfortable.
I need to be back again to this hospital for other surgery. Thank you so much for the hospitality.

MM, Vietnam, May 1, 2012… I was recommended to Dr. Vitasna through a translator of Yanhee International Hospital. I was so impressed with her consultancy taking care and professionalism of Dr. Vitasna.

After surgery, I feel satisfied with the result. Dr. Vitasna is very professional and provided me details and advice. I will recommend Dr. Vitasna and Yanhee International Hospital to my friends.

BS, France, April 2, 2012… The hospital is very clean. The Nurses and Doctor Vitasna are very good, patient and careful. My sutures are perfect. The surgery went fast and is not very painful. The hospital is very serious and very professional. It is better than the French Hospital.

XY, Singapore, March 27, 2012… At the beginning, I had many questions about the Labiaplasty procedure and was not sure whether to go ahead with it. After my consultation with Dr. Vitasna, and speaking to her assistant, Manilou, I decided to go for it.

The first day after the operation, there was quite some pain, which was partially relieved by the painkillers. I was fortunate not to have any problems with passing urine but I had to be in bed with ice packs to relieve the swelling. The second day was much better pain-wise, but the swelling was quite uncomfortable. My advice would be not to look at your labia for the first week, as it could be very scary.

I was actually panicking but was able to comfort myself and decided not to look at it until after 2 weeks. On the follow up with Dr. Vitasna (2 weeks post operatively), I saw the results and I AM VERY HAPPY with it. I am sure it will look better and better as the healing progresses for a few more months.

I resumed normal activities on the fifth day and had no problems since. In the end, I have no regrets for going through with this procedure and am very glad that I chose Dr. Vitasna to do it. Thank you to all the kind, friendly staff in Yanhee.

MK, Switzerland, March 3, 2012 … I came to Yanhee for information about labiaplasty minora and was not sure about what to do or how it could be. I talked to Dr. Vitasna and her assistant and I felt very good and understood immediately. She understood exactly what I was looking for and so I decided to do surgery.

Now 5 days after my surgery, I can just say that I’m completely happy about everything. The result is perfect and my stay at Yanhee was a very good experience. Everyone was very kind to me and everyone is very professional.
I can only recommend this experience to everyone and if you are not sure… just go there for a consultation and you will see. Thanks to every one of the staff and special thanks to Dr. Vitasna for this great change!

AF, Australia, February 29, 2012, Labiaplasty…I am happy with my great result! The service from Dr. Vitasna and all her staff was fantastic. The operation and recovery was surprisingly pain free. I highly recommend this to anyone considering it.

HS, Australia, February 16, 2012, LabiaplastyDr. Vitasna’s surgery was efficient. Very friendly staff and good facilities. The hospital is clean and sanitary, with sanitary equipment. Perhaps too many staff, but otherwise a good service.

KL, Sudan, December 8, 2011… Really it was a great experience here. From the time that you enter the hospital you feel like its home. The hospitality, the staff, and the team. Everything is more than clear. In the near future, I will come again. Hope you see you again, Yanhee.

MR, Australia, December 2011… Nurses were very assuring and helpful. Dr. Vitasna was very confident she could achieve the results I wanted. I am very happy with the procedures and results. Dr. was pleased at the Post- op results.

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